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Bees are important to preserving biodiversity - out of
every three bites of food that we have source in plants
pollinated by bees.

Appropriate Technology India (AT India), being one of the earliest societies founded in the Central Himalayan Region, which had ‘Environment and Livelihoods, of the People of Himalayas’ as its core concern. AT India had since espoused many mountain causes, engaged itself actively in scores of action-research on human and environmental aspects and continues to be so involved to this day. The organization attempt to promote bio-resource based diversification of livelihood options as one of the potential solutions for maintaining ecological integrity and improving life quality of inhabitants in the remote mountains such as bee-keeping, sericulture, off season vegetable cultivation, etc. AT India has experience of working with mountain communities affected by disasters like Kedarnath flood and landslides, and earthquakes.

Livelihood Enhancement

Contributing livelihoods of mountain communities through diversified enterprise development; and to mobilise, formation and strengthening of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) i.e. SHGs, PGs, FPOs etc

Biodivesity Conservation

Conservation and restoration of natural resource ensuring rich species diversity through awareness campaigns and knowledge sharing, which can empower people, and help them to live in harmony with nature.

Capacity Building

Promote self-employment and income generation activities through capacity building and skill development training programmes and value addition

Natural Resource Management

Himalayan region is endowed with a unique and diverse range of biodiversity. Himalayas have a great-asylum value for species migrating under the influence...

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Livelihood Enhancement

The mountain communities are dependent on the forests and its resource for their livelihoods. However, as the global scenario has been changing extensively,

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The challenges common to mountain regions included reducing poverty, strengthening resilience, achieving gender equality, and safeguarding mountain...

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Women Empowerment

Women play a significant role in the mountainous region of Uttarakhand, keeping themselves busy in household chores along with nurturing children and ...

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Sustainable Agriculture

Mountain agriculture is characterized by extensive low input and output farming systems, oriented towards specific productions of high quality.

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