Economic Empowerment of Women-through Livelihood Augmentations


With the financial support of Swedish Organization For Individual Relief (SOIR-IM) programme called “Economic Empowerment of Women-through Livelihood Augmentation and Promoting Gender rights” was started in June 2015 in 36 villages of Dasholi block of Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. The programme was initiated with three objectives.

  • Improving the economic condition of the women.
  • Ensuring that the women avail the benefits of government schemes.
  • Making the women aware of their rights.


To achieve the objectives of the programme, activities were rendered towards organizing the women in SHG’s and all SHG’s were linked with the banks. The programme helped in capacity building of the SHG’s in financial management. The SHG members were also trained in documentation.

  • Total 524 women are associated with our 50 SHG. The total saving of these SHG’s is Rs. 1112945
  • To fulfill their small needs the women of the SHG’s had borrowed an internal loan of Rs. 491200.
  • The groups have been linked with the Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh, which is the federated institution for financial services. This federation of women has distributed loans worth Rs. 735000 to 34 women for the betterment of their economic condition and fulfilling their needs in the field for venturing into animal husbandry, bee keeping, higher education of their children etc.

Dairy Programme:

To strengthen the economic condition of women they were linked with developed animal husbandry. Producer group of the women were formed. At present, we have 36 producer groups with 388 members. These groups are engaged in various income generating activities with the help of the project, unilaterally as well as collectively. Earlier women were dependent on forest for animal fodder. Each woman spent 4 to 5 hours a day to gather fodder from the forest. This increased their workload drastically. To reduce the drudgery of women, Napier grass was planted on the van Panchayat land near the village.

Entitlement Programme:

Organization felt that due to lack of dialogue between the government departments and community, the needy persons were unable to access the benefits of welfare schemes. The project made efforts to bridge the gap between government departments and the community. Primarily, the villagers were informed on the welfare schemes of government and later supported to fill the forms on the basis of their eligibility. Today 177 families are availing to the benefits under 13 different schemes of government like MNREGA, janani surksha yojna,gaura devi kanya dhan yojna disability pension, widow pension, old age pension ,right to education etc. Networking was also done with the state and district level departments of the government.