Our Strategy

A T India facilitated the organization of local community into Self-Help Groups (Producer Groups) that learn nuances of and engage in particular economic activities, that are strategically chosen to promote utilization of natural resources -

The producers themselves choose which activity or activities they wish to engage in, and then they are organized into informal producer groups (PGs) at the village and valley / cluster level. A T India is responsible for recruiting producers (mostly women), organizing and building their capacity, demonstrations, developing business development services and introducing improved technology/ methods in economic activities.

The Value Chain Analysis (VCA)/ Business Development Services (BDS) Strategy for Enterprise Development. A T India concentrates on the developmental and training aspects of enterprise development and once producers reach a level of commercial production they become shareholders in the DevBhumi Natural Products Producer Company Ltd. (DNPPCL) which facilitates all commercial activities from organizing economies of scale in production, processing, product development, and marketing.

Activity Mainstays

The organization’s model utilizes four key activities for livelihood. that are crosscutting inputs in most of the projects:

  • Apiculture
  • Sericulture
  • Dairy
  • Spices