Conservation through Enterprise Development This is based on the premise – When local communities secure economic and managerial control over their natural resources and have access to necessary information, technical support and financial support, they will have the incentive to work actively toward the long-term conservation of these resources.


To assist village communities in the mountain state of Uttarakhand in conserving their biological diversity, while utilizing non-timber forest products (NTFP) and natural resources in a socially equitable, economically efficient, and ecologically sustainable manner.


Increase in household income. Reduction in drudgery and labor of mountain women Development of environmentally sustainable mountain specific livelihood and Respect for local culture and knowledge.

Our Values

The organization practices the following values :

  • Integrity - adhere to the principels of the organization, ensuring coherance in each act. Being truthful to the promises to stakeholds at all levels.

  • Inspiration - as a team carrying positive attitude to do something creative and enthusiastic actions that sustains the efforts.

  • Inclusion - ensuring that each individual has a space for participation in the interventions irrespective of the gender/class/caste / Geography etc.

  • Innovation - unceasingly working towards alternatives, change and transformation and being in stride with the changing needs of the community for biodiversity.