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Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods: Case Study on our Tasar Operations conducted by United Nations - World Food Programme & International Fund for Agricultural Development.
Partners Entities  
In a bid to decentralize its operations and make them self-sustainable, AT India, from its early years, organized its production activity into community owned enterprise. Currently, AT India works in alliance with two partner entities that have evolved from its main programs, and have complementary but distinct roles:

Devbhumi Natural Products Producers Company Limited (DNPCL):-
Devbhumi Natural Products Producers Company Limited (DNPCL) founded in 2007, has been designated to provide product development and production management services in the non-organized rural sector and establish linkages with main stream markets. DevBhumi is a separate entity now from AT India with its own Board of Directors and Advisory Board and is owned by the over 7,561 producers as shareholders who in turn employ professional staff to run the daily operations of the Company. The Company works with over 7,000 households at present. For further details visit

Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh (UMM):-
Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh (UMM) founded in 2005, UMM acts as a microfinance institution and is an independent organization with its own Board of Directors and professional staff. UMM is registered under cooperative sector as a Self-Reliant Cooperative Society. Apart from being the apex body of the 1140 women SHGs functioning across 5 districts of Uttarakhand state. UMM is the first forma community owned, managed and controlled MFI, offering affordable credit and micro-insurance services to its members SHGs. For more details see

AT India is left with the primary role of developing technical skills and local capacities for production of goods and services at the community level. Alongside, it also seeks to pursue program related research and conservation initiatives. The presence of the above two enterprises is expected to play a significant role in ensuring the long-run viability of AT India's projects even after its withdrawal.

The partnership based of development has met with a notable degree of success. AT India now works 1140 SHGs, with 38 Valleys and 5 District organizations and a total of 10,579 households. DevBhumi has over 7561 shareholders and procures products from over 8000 producers with a turnover of over one crore PA. Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ltd (UMM) has more than 1140 SHGs based members and a loan portfolio of 4 crore. Considering the remoteness of the mountain villages and the difficult terrain, these are significant numbers.