Micro Credit Innovation (WSHGs)

A T India is working on WSHG formation with financial support from NABARD. This is specifically for strengthening the Micro Credit institutions. The focus is on bringing in various stakeholders on a common platform and building their capacities to take the initiatives forward. This has resulted in tremendous growth of microfinance sector in India through different approaches like:

Promotion of farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs)

The broad objective of the Fund is to promote and nurture Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) by way of extending the required financial & non-financial support during the nascent/ formative stage. It is critical to support FPOs in terms of awareness creation, capacity building, technical support, professional management, market access, regulatory requirements, etc. and provide handholding support for a minimum period of 3-5 years and the same is met as grant under the Fund.

Farmers club

The main aim of club is that transfer technology from lab to land is more pronounced in the field of agriculture and allied activities when the clubs are launched and maintained by KVK and Agricultural Universities with all modern infrastructure / scientific and extension personal and demonstration plots, are found to be out standing in the sphere of providing training and exposure to farmers on Land and water testing, selection of crops, Diversification of crops. Inter & mixed cropping, water management, integrated pest management, organic farming & improved agricultural practices as well as in the fields of allied activities such as dairy, poultry, goat farming, dry land horticulture and food processing, Nabard is providing financial support


The objective of the fund is to spread the message of participatory watershed development & to replicate & consolidate the isolated successful initiatives under different programmes in the government, semi-government & NGO sectors. Watershed community, central and state government departments, banks, agricultural research institutions, NGOs & NABARD will act in concert to make a breakthrough in participatory watershed development.