Mountain Woman turns Entrepreneur.

The Situation

Mrs. Bashnti Rana young women of 37 years, educated up to middle level, is a resident of village Gadgu in Ukhimath block of Rudrapayag, Uttarakhand. The distance of village is 4 km from the connecting road heads. She lives in a joint family that comprises of two children. Her husband works as a local daily wages labor in local Village. Her husband’s income is insufficient to meet the needs of the family. The grown-up children’s requirement was something that started bothering them day and night and Basanti Rana started looking for some viable engagement but she couldn’t find any jobs.

The Case

In mountain region beekeeping is one of the traditional activities practiced at subsistence level. Many households are acquainted with bee rearing traditionally. After project Mrs. Rana also became familiar with bee keeping but she never imagined that beekeeping could be one of possible source of income to be started with small investment and efforts. Incidentally she came across the AT India Beekeeping program being implemented in Rudraprayag. She participated in the exposure to see commercial level Beekeeping, afterwards she expressed the desire to take up honey production however her poor financial condition continue to bother her.

The Change

AT India field extension team met her at her home and explained the process of beekeeping. After several consultative meetings she hesitantly expressed her inability to do anything due to lack of finances. She indicated that she did not have money to purchase extra bee colonies and will not be able to earn sufficient income even if project provides her a single colony. The micro-finance institute (women federation) Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ltd (UMM) a sister concern of A T India, agreed to provide micro-credit of Rs.15000. With technical and financial assistance extended Mrs. Rana created an apiary of 10 bee colonies and now produces 40 Kg honey in each season, selling of which has helped her earn Rs. 40,000 in a year -2017-18.


AT India has conducted several meetings in Gadgu village and consoled traumatized families. Mrs. Rana was one of the participants in all the meetings that were conducted in this village. She came out to be different and one of the most active participant and showed her interest to work with AT India for the survival of her family. She was then encouraged to attend the capacity building trainings conducted by AT India to generate awareness and mobilize community for the project and along with this she has learnt the Beekeeping activity in order to acquire the skills so that she will be able to sustain her family income. AT India appointed her as Community Resource Person in her village and she is now a trainer and guide for other Beekepers in her village.