Appropriate Technology India

Founded in 1993, A T India commenced work in the Garhwal Himalayas, as an off-spring of AT International, a Washington based charity. Under a three-year grant from the Biodiversity Conservation Network, A T India took the lead in establishing, commercially viable oak tasar sericulture through village based enterprises. Since its inception 20 years ago, A T India has developed a range of novel livelihood activities enabling steady returns to beneficiaries who now number approximately 10579, generating benefits of approximately 94 million INR per annum.
Thus, what started as a biodiversity conservation project in 1994, with the mandate to develop an enterprise based model for conservation, has evolved into a vibrant livelihoods diversification and skills development program. Even so, it has remained true to its original ideal of biodiversity conservation. The forest-based enterprises developed under the program exemplify A T India vision of economic security for local forest-dependent communities. Simultaneously the improved community perceptions of their natural resource base, along with the apparent health of the project area forests, demonstrate its fulfillment of the sustainable forest resources use ideal. Today A T India is acknowledged to be at the forefront of innovation in the development strategies, both in the Context of livelihood development and conservation, in the Western Himalayas. It's strategy of raising value of existing resource base to enlist community participation in the conservation efforts, on this wide a scale, has perhaps been tested fo the first time in India.