Samgara Arthik Vikas Pariyojana (THF)


The Project "Samgara Arthink Vikas Pariyojana" A project for improving livelihood and economic security of tribal households in jaunsar Babar region intends to provide economic security to selected poor 3200 direct (1600) and indirect (1600) households in the tribal belt known as the "Jaunsar-Babar", comprising of tribal Block Chakrata of district Dehradun, The project is supported by - The Hans Foundation.


As part of the strategy the project has organized these marginalized households into Self-Help Groups, and adopted few existing SHGS for strengthening them and further developing their capacity to become dedicated producer groups (PGs), at the village level to generate the economies of scale to take up the commercial level production program in the subsectors listed above over a period of three years. These PGs are federated into 3 valley level associations and now these associations will be linked with existing producer company-DevBhumi Natural Products Producers Co. Ltd and Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ltd. (UMM).

The proposed project is addressing the following 3 key issues.

  1. Encouraging producers for sustained Economic security of the participating households through Dairy and Beekeeping / Organic Honey value chains.
  2. Increasing access to Business Development Services (BDS) for sustainability of interventions under the two value chains
  3. Organizing, capacitating the women groups and federations to address social issue such as Sanitation, women’s health, education etc.

The project will work with specific objectives to:

  1. Promote self-sustaining producers’ organizations that can be effectively participate in addressing the economic needs of the tribal communities.
  2. Facilitate the integration of small and marginal farmers into the wider economy through development of growth value chains with the ability to compete in the end market.
  3. Link small and marginal farmers directly to end markets that will generate sustainable cash incomes leading to increased economic security.
  4. Eliminate or rationalize the function of middlemen in economic transactions

Activities & Achievement under the project

As result of the project intervention a total of 130 SHGs have so far been formed. The project has achieved the targeted SHGs in terms of formation and strengthening.