Integrated Livelihood In The Hills Of Uttarakhand (RBS)


The project “IntegratedLivelihood in the Hills of Uttarakhand” is being implemented by Appropriate Technology India (A T India).The project in the second phase of implementation and focuses on up scaling activities that were introduced during first phase. The project area comprises of 3 development Blocks viz. Nainidanda, Rikhnikhal and Jaiharikhal of Pauri district of Uttarakhand. The project’s scope has increased from 1000 stakeholders in 60 villages covered during the first phase, to additional 1000 stakeholders of 30 new villages, being covered during 2nd phase; thus taking the development intervention to 2,000 stakeholders residing in 90 hill villages. The project has been assisting producers/farmers to move up to commercial level in the new villages while in existing villages focus is being given on strengthening post harvesting management system. The project has been following Business Development Services (BDS) and Value Chain Development (VCD) approach mainly to assist primary producersact across the growth value chains. The growth value chains have been specifically introduced in 3 sectors viz. organic honey production, organic spice and dairy. Beekeeping / Organic honey production, dairy and organic spice cultivation are some of the activities practiced traditionally in the rural hill villages of Uttarakhand on subsistence level however certain factors-such as lack of focused approach, accessibility over inputs and lack of market accessibility remain as main obstacles in the way of commercialization. The project hence has been giving thrust on developing economies of scale in 3 growth value chains, noted above, by organizing stakeholders into dedicated producers groups (PGS) and thereby providing production related services and creating sustainable market linkages. Ushamath Mahila Mahasangh Ltd.(UMM), a microfinance Institution, and DevBhumi Natural Products Producers Co. Ltd. (DNPPCL), a Producers Company, have been working together with SHGs / Producers Groups (PGs) in terms of developing backward and forward linkages. The former extends micro-credit support to SHGs for enterprise development while the latter provides critical collection, procurement, processing, packaging, branding, and marketing services to producer groups (PGs).

Objective of the project:

  1. To strengthen the growth value chains activities with existing 1000 stakeholders operating in dairy, organic spices and beekeeping / organic honey sectors.
  2. To expand dairy, organic spices and beekeeping /organic honey sector’ activities with additional 1000 stakeholders of 30 new villages to move them from subsistence level to commercial level production and to link the capacity to the main stream economy.
  3. Create strong linkages of existing and new stakeholders for long term sustainability of the enterprises with Producer Company and Micro-finance institution that are owned and operated by producers, particularly women, and integrate into the larger value chain in an equitable manner.
  4. Enable the community to shift pressure from existing forest by commercialization of identified livelihood sectors and thereby strengthen the already initiated process of minimizing the man-animal conflicts in the villages of CTR buffer zone.

SN District Block Valley Village S H G No. Members
1 Pauri Jaiharikhal Jaiharikhal 35 51 361
2 Pauri Rikanikhal Rikhanikhal 54 93 789
3 Pauri Rikanikhal Kotadisain 54 93 789
4 Pauri Nainidanda Nainidanda 35 59 468
5 Pauri Dugadda Kalalghati 12 30 331
6 Pauri Dugadda Matiyali 18 30 251
7 Pauri Dugadda Ramani 12 24 176
Total 4 7 166 287 2376

As reported previously that in existing project villages the activities viz. dairy, beekeeping / organic honey production and organic spices cultivation has been introduced which has attained certain degree of commercialization. The similar process to develop livelihood in new villages has been commenced and progressing earnestly.